The announcement of Seier Capital

Latest update: 16/8/2016 - 11:18:48 PMAuthor: Caliburn

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Over the last few months the staff at Tricked have hinted at a huge announcement on the horizon, today it's time to fully share our excitement with everyone and introduce our new partner, Seier Capital.

Lead by danish business and financial guru Lars Seier Christensen, Seier Capital builds on his 20 years of experience in a variety of businesses coupled with his roots in investment and entrepreneurism. The companies current portfolio spans teams and professionals in Formula 1, Ice Hockey, classic motorsport, and Cycling - where their achievements include multiple Tour de France victories.

Today officially marks their first venture into the world of electronic sports, joining us here at Tricked eSport.

"We've worked with a variety of different companies over the years as we continue to realise our goals; investing in developing danish eSports talent. This partnership is about taking everything to the next level, when I look at Seier's history I see a similar love for building something to be proud of, and a wealth of experience besides that. As Tricked share our knowledge and passion for eSports with everyone at Seier we also eagerly anticipate all of the lessons that we can learn from them." - Morten Jensen, CEO.

Since our inception in 2012, Tricked has pledged to innovate the scene around us and work to create a better community. As today's relationship with Seier paves the way for a different business landscape, our brand is set to realise this and much more.

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