Tricked Esports is an esports organization born in 2012
with the goal to innovate the scene from within.

Brought together by a combination of ambitious dreams, hard work and raw skill, we incorporate several leading players from the most dominant gaming scenes, scout upcoming talent and unite them under one main brand.

Our vision

Our vision goes beyond being an ordinary team; We do not wish to be like the rest - And we aren't. At Tricked, we are always looking to go the extra mile for the community, guiding our players and fans as we break down the barriers around competitive gaming to make our future of passion and pure entertainment available to anyone.


Built from a team of industry veterans, our management has watched the scene transform from a pipe-dream of minor events into the arena filling multimillion-dollar behemoth we see today. As the core elements of electronic sports stabilize and the scene begins to fully establishes itself, we're already focused on making it even bigger.
On the traditional front, we believe in an engaging social community on all levels of competitive gaming backed by a solid foundation of professionalism. Tricked actively works through social media and on well known video streaming platforms, but also alongside journalists in newspapers, digital and broadcast media.
Looking into the future, we are already heavily involved in developing the next step for esports, nurturing the skills of upcoming players through our work in the education sector, notably establishing one of the World's first comprehensive esports learning programs in our home country of Denmark, working with Campus Vejle in addition to maintaining our status as one of the World's best talent scouts.
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CVR: 38716972
Rosenkæret 22A, st. - 2860 Søborg