Goodbye Borup

Today we can announce that Johannes Borup has been sold off to Heroic for a 6 figured number. Johannes almost got 600 maps in the black and red jersey, and the entry fraggers with the most contagious laugh will surely be missed in Tricked. Our Sports director had the following statement regarding the transfer:

"We're saying goodbye to one of the most hardworking players there has ever worn the Tricked jersey but also to a big friend of mine. Heroic's interest in Borup has been there for a while and rightfully so. He's performance has skyrocketed in Tricked after a failed experience in North Academy. Johannes true potential has come to light, but it's his ability to be an even better teammate that makes him an outstanding player. We understood right away that he wanted to try something new, and the talks with Heroic was very constructive. I hope the best for him in his new home."

We already have a replacement ready, and the team will reveal who's picking up Borup's position, so look forward to that announcement later this week!