A Journey in esports, PMVejle's story

It is August 2016, we have met up in Campus Vejle to unveil Seier Capitals investment in Tricked, the lifelong dream of going full time in esports was finally accomplished, after the announcement of our new investor things went fast, sponsor meetings, new schools to our school system, new teams and players. At the time it was more or less me and Morten who ran everything in the daily routine for the organization. My role also consisted of many hands on parts for all the internal of the machinery, doing the daily routine like taking care of the house and making sure the players and staff in and out of the house had their needs taking care of, there was a constant flow of things to do, and the list only grew.

When we got the team core consisting of HUNDEN, es3tag and B0rup in our CS:GO lineup my focus centered mostly around them, if i wasn't out meeting with sponsors or at a school selling our concept i was with them day in, day out. The 7th of May, 2017 the team and i traveled to Tours to compete in Dreamhack Open Tours which we got to through a 2nd place in a qualifier only lost to Helllraisers, but Gambit Esports had visa problems so we got their spot. The tournament went better than expected with a beating of the crowd favorite G2 in our opening match, but still going out of the tournament to a close match against Hellraisers and a rematch for G2 which they won, we still left the tournament feeling good since we proved we could compete with the top clubs at the time. In the same time frame we were having contract negotiations with the team where we couldn't come to an agreement in the end, when i finally came to realization that we wouldn't have the team in the near future i took a hit, i lost something i put all my energy and time into, i felt defeated and that i let down both the organization but also the team.

I started to go on autopilot, and one day after i had finished doing the last financial accounting i had left on my part i just went to bed and couldn't wake up and this just went on and on, i was in bed for weeks, went completely AWOL and people was unable to get a hold of me. It went on for months before i finally decided that something had to happen, i chose to turn my life a bit upside down, move to a new city, meet new people and start a new job since the funds had run out. I meet my girlfriend and we moved together and my life finally felt right again.

In March 2019 Tricked contacted me, inviting me with them to accompany them to the GGLeague in Poland which i accepted, we got to the semifinal losing out to Devils.one, but it felt so good to be a part of the esports world again and i got a hunger for it after the event. Tricked and me started talking about me making a comeback to the organization and after a weeks time i told them let's go! We had to wait through April before i could join them, so i once again went with them to Copenhagen Games as morale support where we once again lost in the semifinals, this time against Forze. We went home from the event and i couldn't wait for April to be done, and it wasn't more than a week before i could start my new job as Head of CS:GO and Head of our school department. Now i've been here for a month, and i have been pleasantly surprised over how much the organization have grown internally, new owners behind the club have in cooperation with Morten created a whole new more professional environment, hired competent people who i feel have the same hunger for the organization as i, and made it take a step up into the world, i can only see the organization grow even more and becoming a mainstay for the danish esport scene for many years to come.