Talented players join Tricked Academy

In Tricked Esport we love to be a part of the development of young players in danish FIFA and now we take another step in that direction by adding FIFA to our Academy project. Last sunday we had 36 ambitious players participating in Scouting Grounds where the goal was to find 4 players who should be a part of Tricked Academy. While the winner, Frederik Kruse, got a spot by winning the tournament, we have now chosen the remaining playes to our Academy. The level of the 36 competitors was really high and we spoke about more than 10 players who could get a spot before we made our decision. It was a tough call for us, but the 3 guys who will get the spots are Emil Skifter, Oliver Høgh and Simon Friis Hansen and we are very happy to welcome them to the Tricked family.

The players who is going to represent Tricked Academy is:

Frederik Arberg Kruse

Frederik Kruse is the winner of Scouting Grounds and by his performance that day he showed us a lot of great stuff in his gameplay. He showed us how to control the game and maintain a strong defense that nobody could take down during the tournament, which gave him the victory and a spot in Tricked Academy.

Emil Skifter

Even tho he had a rough day at Scouting Grounds, Emil Skifter proved that his potential is really high. Being consistent during the summer in several tournaments gave him a spot in Tricked Academy.

Simon Friis Hansen

Friis is the youngest guy on the lineup, but at Scouting Grounds he showed us what he can do with the controller. His set of skills and pace around the edge of the box is at the highest level and we will look forward to work with this type of player.

Oliver Høgh

Going all the way to the final of Scouting Grounds, Oliver Høgh gave us the opportunity to watch a lot of his games. Oliver is a light version of our own Mikkel 'LordHjorth' Bach in terms of fast build up, clinical finishing from almost every angel and a great mentality even when he is behind.

Written by

Kent Brylle
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