The biggest transfer in Danish esport history

Tricked Esport Club
November 20, 2019

Today marks another significant milestone for our club, as we write another chapter of history within the scene of Danish esport. This occurs with the sale of our current Counter-Strike team to an undisclosed buyer for a six-digit sum in euros.

Although the transfer encompasses a degree of ambivalence given the team’s amazing results as of late, the sale bears good news for both the roster and Tricked as a club; The players will take a seat much higher within the esports ecosystem and be able to hold onto every asset they own. In other words, they will not be picked apart as individuals and scattered across multiple teams but can continue their collective growth as a team – Together.

While we have enjoyed seeing this roster take root, achieve their goals and climb the international ladders of success, our club revolves around creating new talent and fostering teams for them to reach their full potential.

Our business model is simply not designed around having the single best team in the world within our ranks. Our ambition is to open our doors and generate new opportunities to young people, moving existing teams in the right direction as well as helping them reach their goals – Individually and as a team. The roster, led by HUNDEN, has moved faster than any other team we have ever worked with. Their outstanding work ethic and dedication has been a critical factor towards reaching their goals in less than ten months. All our matrixes and models have been overrun by this roster, and it was tough to keep track of the team's true potential.

In Tricked, we truly believe that the timing for this grand transfer could never be better than now. We believe and hope that the boys find even greater success within their new ranks. In due time, we will release more details on the transfer, but for now, you'll have to wait a little longer and guess for yourself were HUNDEN and the rest of the pack are going.

It is our second goodbye to Nicolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen, a player that has been an integral key in the Trickedway of pursuing talent development. Nicolai continues to prove that he is one of the smartest players to ever have played the game, and the Danish community and Tricked owe him a great deal for his dedication in all aspects.

On behalf of everyone in Tricked Esports, we thank you for everything. We are proud of what you have accomplished together and as individuals, and we send you off with our warmest wishes of good luck. Bubzkji, acoR, sjuush, roeJ and HUNDEN.

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Morten Høj Jensen
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