Visit from the Danish Ministry of Culture

For more than five years now, Tricked Esport has set the tone and defined talent working in Denmark. With multiple professional players getting most of their upbringing in this club, we finally had courted the eye of the Danish government. So today we had a visit from Danish Ministry of Culture Mette Bock, she wanted to see how we implemented our esports learning unto the young school students and how esports and gaming could co-exist and make them both stronger with the right strategy. It was essential for us to show how many different problems we could solve with esports, so we had invited our youth team from Esbjerg to talk about integration and how esports had helped their school to better balance.

The young U16 team talked about what they had learned since Tricked started their franchise esports line at their school and how many of them felt they became more motivated to do their homework and come to school on time. It was crucial to show the ministry with guidelines and expectations the students excelled not only in esports but also in the regular curricula.

Tricked has been on the frontier of talent work since 2014, and we have created a stable environment for young upcoming players and building our talent factory to be one of the biggest in all of Europe. We are very proud of the work that goes into our young people today, and we strive to give everyone the best guidance towards creating a carrier in esports.

We hope our visions and dreams came across to the Mette Boch so she can show the Danish government that one particular danish esports club has one of the most advanced talent factories in the world.

Written by

Morten Høj Jensen
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