We are the V4 champions!

You can come a long way with hard work and dedication.

That has always been our mentally in Tricked, and this latest success in Budapest shows how pivotal it is to keep grinding.

Beating the likes of MIBR, Virtus Pro, and taking Mousesports all the way are not an easy task for anyone.

Our 2019 has been magical for the Counter-Strike team with earnings over 220.000 Euros, and it's also the best year in all of Tricked's long history.

If we take a look at the earnings race of all the top danish counter-strike teams, we are currently ranked second only behind the four-times major winners from Astralis.

Earnings 2019:

Astralis - 1.188.199 Euros

Tricked  - 224.240 Euros

North     - 133.842 Euros

Optic      - 82.148 Euros

Heroic    - 46.742 Euros

This accomplishment is something we are insanely proud of especially taking into consideration that our player budget is less than any of the other teams on that list.

Our trust in the system put into place will elevate Tricked to new highs.

The climb has just begun.

Written by

Morten Høj Jensen
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