Welcome Jarl

It’s unlikely that any gamer has missed the Fortnite craze that’s been raging for the past two years. We surely haven’t.

As a consequence of the game’s impressive growth and popularity, we are proud to announce the signing of Christoffer ‘Jarl’ Snejbjerg as the captain of our newly founded Fortnite division. The 24-year-old is signed on a full time contract under Tricked.

Fortnite, the digital multi-platform gaming and esports phenomenon, has accumulated a total of more than 125 million players. Whilst the game has evolved, Tricked has patiently been spectating the increasing esports potential. The signing of Jarl confirms our strong belief that Fortnite is a long-term option for the esports athletes of the future.

Jarl is one of the greatest players in Denmark and also a fantastic ambassador for young players and the generations of gamers to come. The young Dane is a perfect fit for our strategy within Tricked and he matches our core values to Jarl fits the Tricked strategy and core value values to a T. 

The goal? No less than qualifying for the World Championships. 

CEO and Esports Director Morten Jensen shares his enthusiasm on the new expansion: 

“I’m very happy to welcome Jarl to Tricked. He’s such a great person and I have been following him for quite a while now. This is a big move for Tricked, not only because it’s a relatively new game on the scene and an entirely new genre for us, but because the game also suits our business model. From 2020 and onwards, Fortnite will be a part of our entire strategy just like Counter-Strike and FIFA is. 
The expansion will not divert our attention and energy away from our existing battlegrounds, but this new signing should be seen as an amazing addition to our ranks as well as our ambition in covering upcoming and young Danish players."

If you’re eager to get to know Jarl, learn more about Fortnite as a professional title or curious about the new signing’s ambitions, Jarl will be livestreaming to answer your questions about this transfer from 16.00 to 17.00 CET. Tune in and welcome our new Trickster!

Written by

Peter Møldrup
Head of CSGO / Edjucation
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