Waoo is the leading Danish supplier of internet, TV and telephony via fiber. We’re owned by some of Denmark’s biggest energy- and fibernetcompanies, who teamed up to bring the future-proof fiber technology to the Danes.

Our slogan is “Internet as it should be”, because the internet is fantastic and contains many opportunities, which we wish to help the customers exploit to the fullest. We focus on delivering the best possible digital experiences and on offering ultimate and innovative digital solutions to cost-competitive prices.

For 6 years in a row we’ve been voted as The Best Internet in Denmark, and we rate high, when it comes to customer loyalty and product quality. And we’re proud of that, because it reflects our vision for what internet should be like.
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Spar Nord


The Personal Bank in a Digital World
Spar Nord is a bank that seeks to combine personal advice supported by active involvement and service with up-to-date and innovative digital solutions.

Developments in the banking market are characterized by swift digitalization, low growth and low interest rates and, above all, a wealth of new regulatory standards. Given these conditions, Spar Nord believes that in future most customers will still wish to speak with a REAL person about their financial affairs. We also believe that it calls for strong digital solutions if you want to survive and be successful.
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Vision Gaming


Passion for computers
MM-Vision is the largest computer manufactorer in Denmark.

With over 15 years of experience with providing A-grade hardware for all kinds of gamers, their love for computers shines through. We're proud to share that dedication with our players as well as you.
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Seier Capital


Seier Capital is a private seed and venture capital company without external investors. There is only one investor, as the company is fully owned by Lars Seier Christensen.

Seier Capital provides access to all the ressources a young company needs to accelerate its growth, manage its business, overcome the hurdles it meets and succeed financially.
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Established in 1923, hummel® has a long history of creating sportswear, an expertise that easily shows in today’s fashion collections with sporty silhouettes and an overall active look.

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